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    Silvia Klunder

    I am Silvia from the Netherlands.

    Last year I started my dissertation research and my topic is how to use videoconferencing in an effective way for chronic ill students who cannot of just partly can attend lessons in their mainstream schools.
    The students are pupils in primary and secondary schools (age 6 -18)

    I will use CoI and apart from classroom/laptop observations I want to use questionnaires for students (and teachers)

    Therefore I need to adjust (and translate) the questionnaire. (a lot of the statements are a bit complicated for primary school and secondary school students)

    Who can give me some hints/advice?
    I cannot find much research of CoI for the age group 6 -18.

    Thanks in advance!

    Silvia Klunder

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      J. Aleta Villanueva

      My research project applied the CoI in the K-12 setting. I examined blended learning interactions among HS students and teachers through the framework. I had to adapt the CoI instrument = made a bilingual version, too. How’s your study going?

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        Assel Stambekova

        Hi Aleta,

        Interested in learning how you adapted the CoI instrument for a bilingual version. Would you mind connecting and sharing your experience?

        Briefly about me: I’m a doctoral candidate in teacher education and currently at data collection stage in exploring the role of families and teachers in supporting students’ learning and maximising teacher effectiveness in virtual learning environments in response to COVID-19 and forced homeschooling. I’m inclined to use CoI as my analytical framework of the interviews with families, teachers and students. However, not very sure how CoI meets secondary school students’ aged 11-14 needs. I’d be extremely happy to talk to you about your study and the adapted version of CoI.


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      I came across another framework called the Adolescent Community Engagement (ACE). While COI is more geared to adult learners, the ACE – an acknowledged derivative of COI – is geared toward K12 online learning. You will see similarities in the concepts presented.

      Borup, J., West, R. E., Graham, C. R., & Davies, R. S. (2014). The Adolescent Community of Engagement framework: A lens for research on K-12 online learning. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 22(1), 107-129.

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