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    I am conducting doctoral research on English as a second language (L2) undergraduate students on an academic bridging course program at the University of Toronto. I am adapting the CoI survey instrument for a blended learning environment. Students from different classes on the program sign up for different book clubs hosted in Facebook groups. Instructors post questions to the book club each week and the students answer and discuss the questions. The purpose of the book club is to encourage extensive reading, and to enable the L2 students to practice their critical writing and composition skills.

    I was hoping to get feedback about my adapted survey questions and thought opening up a discussion on the CoI website would be an ideal place to facilitate this process.

    My key concern is wording, because they are L2 students the questions need to be a little simpler, without losing meaning. Here are my draft questions:

    Design & Organization

    1. The instructor clearly communicated important book club information.

    2. The instructor clearly communicated the purpose of the book club.

    3. The instructor provided clear instructions on how to participate in book club.


    5. The instructor helped identify areas of agreement and disagreement on book related topics that helped me understand the book.

    6. The instructor guided the class towards understanding the book in a way that helped me clarify my thinking.

    7. The instructor helped to keep book club students engaged and interacting with each other.

    8. The instructor helped keep book club students focused in a way that helped me to learn.

    9. The instructor encouraged book club students to explore new ideas.

    10. Instructor actions helped to create a sense of community among book club students.

    Direct Instruction

    11. The instructor questions helped to focus discussion on aspects of the book in a way that helped me to learn.

    12. The instructor provided feedback that helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses.

    Affective expression

    14. Getting to know other book club students gave me a sense of belonging in the book club.

    15. I was able to get to know some of the other students through book club.

    16. Online communication is great for social interaction.

    Open communication

    17. I felt comfortable participating in the book club discussions.

    18. I felt comfortable interacting with other book club students.

    Group cohesion
    19. I felt comfortable politely disagreeing with other book club students.

    20. I felt that my opinion was acknowledged by other book club students.

    21. The online discussions helped me to develop a sense of collaboration.

    Triggering event
    23. The weekly questions increased my interest in the book.

    24. Other hyperlinks and activities kept me interested in the book.

    25. I felt motivated to explore information related to the questions.

    26. I used a variety of information sources to explore the questions in my book club.

    27. Finding relevant information helped me understand the book club questions.

    28. The discussions in book club helped me understand different perspectives.

    29. Combining new information helped me answer questions raised in course activities.

    30. The questions and activities in the book club helped me develop my explanations.

    31. Reflecting on the book and discussing it helped me understand concepts and ideas in the book.

    33. I have developed writing skills that can be applied to other subjects.

    34. I can apply the writing and critical thinking skills I practiced in the book club to other subjects or other non-class related activities.

    All feedback greatly appreciated!


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