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    The purpose of the CoI website is to facilitate on-going discussion about the CoI model by researchers and practitioners working in a respectful, collaborative environment. While the community will be moderated, it’s expected that each member of this community will practice ethical academic integrity and copyright.  We welcome lively debate and thoughtful discourse.

    In what ways can this website and community help with your work and research?

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      Elsa Olmedo

      Hello, Madelaine,

      First of all, I’m really interested on the ethical academic integrity and copyright you mention. This is the reason I am here. I’m jubilated from a public university in Mexico but starting my doctorate in the same university I worked for. This the web page of the Faculty: where you can find the doctoral announcement. We are starting on February 4th, 2014. My protocol was built recently. My view of my dissertation is quite wide (and maybe too ambitious). I will try to build a comparative/correlational study applying the CoI to analize the impact on learning that the teaching presence (both synchronous and asynchronous) have on students  in at least 3 of these institutions. My interest on this was born from the fact that I have been doing virtual tutoring from a long time, and I am aware how teaching presence is even more important to students than their peers’, because from my point of veiw, the interaction with the teacher motivates students to keep going and sometimes even retains them from quiting.

      I will have a doctoral corpus supporting and guiding me, but as they do not know CoI, or have heard nothing about it, this is why I’m looking for help and… fortunately I found this community and I intend to get and learn as much as possible from you all…

      I noticed this is not possible to attach documents when I tried to attach the poster of the doctoral program… =)

      Regards and thank you for the welcome…


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      Madelaine Befus
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      Hi again Elsa

      This is a fairly new site and is one that’s built upon a WordPress template so we’re still figuring out which tools work best and what other attributes members of this community find useful.  I’ll add attaching documents to our list of features to investigate.



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