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    Hi Everyone,

    I’m revising our faculty development program to be grounded in the CoI model. I have three courses planned, each focused on one of the presences. The courses are currently not accredited, but I’d like to plan and develop in such a way that the three courses together could be accredited as a 3-credit grad-level course.

    As the course is being developed and hosted in WordPress, you can find the work I am doing and leave comments there…or here if you’d like.

    The URL is

    Currently, the ‘think’ course is developed and undergoing review/editing. The second course, ‘engage’ is in development. The third, ‘teach’ is in the hopper, although we have identified ILOs.

    You can also access my preliminary notes and planning at

    I’d be very grateful for feedback and/or criticism with respect to any aspect of the courses (outcomes, activities, structure, technology, commentary, redundancies, or missing topics).

    Thanks for any feedback you might be able to provide.


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