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    Norm Vaughan
    Key Master

    Welcome to to our first follow-up discussion from our Introductory CoI webinar !!

    Marti, Randy, and I would like to continue the discussion about:

    1. Your previous experiences with the CoI framework?

    2. Your future plans or ideas about using the framework in your teaching and research practice?

    Looking forward to sharing ideas, resources, and questions :)

    Norm Vaughan

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      Avatar of Fatemeh Mardi
      Fatemeh Mardi

      Hello everyone :)

      I started my dissertation on argumentation (related to CP), and was interested in how sense of community (related to SP) develops along the way in my online course. Long story short, every piece of my literature review seemed fragmented and insufficient until I started looking for fancy ways to back up what I did in my course design. That is when I found TP and it led me to CoI.

      I watched yesterday’s webinar and think modeling a global learning community is a fantastic idea. I am excited to share the road bumps and aha’s of my research within the CoI framework with this community.

      Educational Technology Online Instructor – Science Education Curriculum Developer
      UMSL PhD Student, MA, BS, PMP, NBCT (I like acronyms.)

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      Avatar of Adrienne Sehatzadeh
      Adrienne Sehatzadeh

      Hi Norm; Nice to join you online for these sessions.
      Communities of Practice (Wenger, 1998) was a theory that I used in my graduate work back in 1998, and I’ve maintained an interest in how cohesive communities develop in academic settings online. As an Instructional Designer, building community online is important knowledge for me, so that I can recommend good pedagogical approaches to faculty. So I was happy to come across this whole community (not even sure how that came about!!)
      My interest is to get comfortable with the framework so that I can then incorporate it into my workshops and consultations with faculty – very practical use. I was using the 3 presences but did not have the framework to ground them.

      Adrienne Sehatzadeh
      Dalhousie University

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      Avatar of Helen Dolan
      Helen Dolan

      Hello all!

      Being in the early stages of my academic career (working on my MA thesis on communications graduate students’ experiences of the three presences), the CIDER sessions are nothing short of invaluable to me. The diversity of research goes a long way toward broadening my appreciation of the CoI framework while taking me outside my very insular thesis “box.” Since I cannot usually attend live, I greatly appreciate the fact that I can view the slides and listen to the audio files at my convenience. At the risk of gushing, I thank each and every one of the presenters for sharing their knowledge through this forum. I am the only grad student in my program who is pursuing CoI research, so it is comforting to feel as though I am part of a real community. (It can get a bit lonely down here. Haha.)

      Helen Dolan, Student
      Mount Saint Vincent University

      P.S. If you are an iPhone / iPad user and you want to catch up on the sessions without being tethered to your computer, I highly recommend downloading the free Puffin browser app. It allows us to play the Adobe Connect sessions on our Apple products. (I actually listened to a full session at the gym. LOL!) So, grab your earbuds and voila. Just thought I’d share. :-)

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